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Be the change

you want to be

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We all need some gentle support sometimes.  


We know that the world can be overwhelming. It can be hard to catch your breath between the demands on your attention. Sometimes an experience or event affects you so deeply memories of it intrude on you. We know that time & space is important. And we also know that sometimes it's hard to know where to start. 

Our Team offer a range of gentle guidance, strong support & help you find clarity. Our experienced practitioners are hand picked to inspire growth & change. We are here to help you overcome your unique challenges, & begin to enjoy your life fully, with confidence & enthusiasm.

A wide range of therapies and well being services:

  • Psychotherapy.

  • Counselling.

  • EMDR. 

  • Reiki.

  • Nutritional therapy.

  • Massage.

  • Reflexology. 

  • Hypnobirthing.

  • Yoga. 

  • Natural remedies. 


The Hub brings together a collaboration of highly skilled & experienced therapists and practitioners

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